Major Aspects in March 2020

March 3 - Venus square Saturn - 28 Aries / 28 Capricorn

March 8 - Sun conjunct Neptune - 18 Pisces

March 8 - Venus conjunct Uranus - 4 Taurus

March 9 - Mercury turns direct - 28 Aquarius

March 9 - Sun opposition Moon - 19 Pisces / 19 Virgo - FULL MOON 

March 18 - Moon conjunct Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn - Capricorn

March 19 - Sun enters Aries - Equinox

March 20 - Mars conjunct Jupiter - 21 Capricorn

Marach 21 - Saturn enters Aquarius

March 22 - Mars conjunct Pluto - 24 Capricorn

March 24 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 4 Aries

March 24 - NEW MOON conjunct Chiron - 4 Aries

March 29 - April 6 - Jupiter conjunct Pluto - 24 Capricorn 

March 31 - Mars conjunct Saturn - 1 Aquarius


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Pluto in Capricorn

Section 1 - According to your Sun Sign

Section 2 - According to your Birth Chart

Section 1 - According to your Sun Sign:

To understand the effect of Pluto in Capricorn (November 2008 to 2023) according to your Sun Sign shows the impact on the qualities of your purpose, self-expression and sense of Self. Pluto represents power and the need to strengthen the true inner power to meet the situations in the outside world. To strengthen through response to the outer situations, you usually do so through forced choices and are pushed to go beyond the power of fear to find the power of strength. For more details, read the information below;

ARIES - Pluto moving into Capricorn causes the Aries transition to become a very powerful shift indeed. The Pluto movement into Capricorn prompts you to jump into the direction that your philosophy requires. You jump off the bench and jump into the game, maybe even a different game than where you have been, but your philosophy begins to take over. Your goals are prompting you to follow an important path and to shift your philosophy into your career. As Pluto moves further into Capricorn, you jump off the bench and bounce into the game even before you realize what you are doing. This moves you quickly into a whole new career direction. All during Pluto's time in Capricorn, you find yourself thickly immersed in a new episode of your life that is moving you into a whole new direction. Once Uranus moves into Aries in 2011, your life will be tossed into an orbit that you did not think possible. The square of Uranus and Pluto that will last from 2011 to 2018 will prompt you to make many important decisions, which will come quickly and your spontaneity will speak for itself. You may have a powerful transition of your home because of your career direction changing, so be prepared to find yourself in a whole new environment as you transition through the years from 2011 to 2018.

TAURUS - Pluto moving into Capricorn causes the challenges of Pluto's trial by fire to require that you grow your inner strength, confidence and invest in your inner self. The situations that you have encountered have challenged your inner world and have thus built your ethics and your investments that will pave the way as Pluto moves through Capricorn. Your wisdom and ability to communicate, teach and become seen as a person of honesty, integrity and strong spiritual beliefs will become your new direction. While Pluto was in Sagittarius you had to gain a great deal of determination, inner strength and inner conviction about the foundation of your values. The shift of Jupiter in Capricorn will open the doors for others to see who you truly are and the inner depth of ethics that drive your life into areas that most people wouldn't dare venture. Pluto in Capricorn will push you to express this deep conviction about your motives, ethics and values into a world more visible than before. You will prove your insight in positions of advisement that put you into advisory roles as a way to expose your great wisdom and insight that was honed while Pluto's trial by fire galvanized your ethics. As you move through Pluto in Capricorn you will find that your wisdom and insight will be sought as positions of power will seek to right actions of wrong.

GEMINI - Pluto moving into Capricorn causes the shift of power to occur as partnership issues come into play. You will see the challenges that you have experienced since 1995 begin to take on a whole new direction. You have had to address issues with people and move your communication into the world of public relations, etc. As Pluto moves into Capricorn, your career will move into the direction that has to do with establishing a deeper process to review motives, ethics and values. You are ready to take a new turn in your career and will jump at the chance to make a difference in the areas that have touched your life for so many years. You will be ready to move your business pursuits into a new arena. The ability to become a spokes person in the last several years has had your public relations image expand into ways that you could not have seen. Now it becomes a reality and your communication just pops out of your mouth and you have built the solid drive that provides a powerful foundation for you.

CANCER - Pluto moving into Capricorn causes the door to open regarding health issues and work situations that will finally take on a new direction. You will be able to have more connection with other people than what you have had in the past and you will begin to see that your work will take you into new social circles. You will be expanding your connections with others and you will expand your career in such a way as these connections provide more social influence in your life. You may be asked to be on a board or a community committee or something of the like. Your health issues will also take a turn for the better and begin to resolve which provides a positive energy for successful diets and other regimes that have been a struggle and now become a reality. In your meetings with other people, you will find that your partnerships change and that you want to move these partnerships into a new direction. Your connections will open new doors of feelings within you and you will create and build a whole new world as you move through Pluto in Capricorn.

LEO - Pluto moving into Capricorn causes important shifts to open the door of your creativity to pursue your new career and work environment. Pluto begins to empower these new pursuits. You have held your ground and worked diligently to use your ideas for creative projects. This consistent trial by fire approach that you have had to maintain your journey will begin to reveal the different options available in your work environment. You have many ideas that can now be integrated into your work environment. This becomes a reward for the consistent and unending fight that you have had to endure in your expression and independence that you have pursued. Through the many challenges and the attempts by others to silence your creative approach and the seemingly lost opportunities to move into the direction you have desired, will come back to you as the river bends and moves into a new tributary, which reveals many of the new opportunities that will come into reach. This time they are even better than the ones that seemed to be pulled away from you and kept not allowing you to attain success. Your career and work environment will begin to have open doors as Pluto assists you to find yourself in a position of leadership even without doing what you would normally think as the necessary road to leadership.

VIRGO - Pluto moving into Capricorn causes a major shift to occur in your home environment. Pluto shifts and expands your career and business options in which you have had to maintain the ethics of your philosophy and adhere to your strong foundation. You have had the type of trial by fire experiences that continue to push you to look at the philosophy and the foundation of all of your beliefs. You will have the opportunity to move through open doors that shift you into a different career, as the transitions of the past took you through the twists and turns of a maze. You will ultimately begin to use your strength of ethics and motives to expand the creative opportunities in your career. You will pursue your goals, plans and opportunities. These options begin to emerge as many unexpected doors begin to open and provide you with the type of creative options that you would not have seen coming into your life. As Pluto continues through Capricorn, powerful options begin to take you into new career directions as a wave takes you into a new shore. You will see that you are freer to use your creativity and ideas can now be expressed in the new career environment that has opened up.

LIBRA - Pluto moving into Capricorn causes the major shifts to occur with the communication pathway that you have taken and the consistent information that you have tried to communicate. Seemingly those who were completely deaf were not able to hear you and so you have had to expand your communication style. You have also had to attain a certain level of education against the odds and now you are on the threshold of major changes in your home environment. You will find that your career will become the result of your education, communication and knowledge. You have been pursuing a certain direction and use of your knowledge. You will have the opportunity to change your home environment because of a shift in your career and this will provide you with the opportunity to work at home or to provide a strong foundation in the transition of your home. You have diligently worked to maintain your knowledge and your mind in the midst of many challenges. The transition that is upon you opens the door as Capricorn provides you with a new foundation and a new emotional home base. Your new home base contains the very essence that solidifies the emotional environment and becomes the home that you have wanted. Seemingly challenged from the very beginning, your information will prove to be correct and as you have been hanging by a thread, that thread will end up being the last thread to put into your nest making it something solid and real.

SCORPIO - Pluto moving into Capricorn causes the shift of focus to occur in your finances. You have experienced many challenges with money and the situations beyond your control seemed to provide the trial-by-fire approach to money and investments. As the transition of Pluto deepens into Capricorn, the door opens to a whole new financial picture. You will begin to have opportunities roll into opportunities to use your information, communication and new knowledge in a career path that will help to get you out of the financial rut that has seemed to only be digging you into a deeper and deeper hole. Pluto opens many career avenues that you had not seen before and now they seem to be not just one, but many. Then you will find the right career choice that holds the passion for you. You will begin to expand your communication, your knowledge and begin to use many of the ideas that you have been rolling around in your head for years. The changes in your financial status will begin to reflect the honesty, the integrity and the motives that you have used during this trial-by-fire time period. The results will begin to reflect the inner values used in your life since 1995 and will open to door for new avenues to utilize your new career path that opens up through the maze of events that began in 2008 and will dramatically change once Uranus moves into Aries in March 2011.

SAGITTARIUS - Pluto moving into Capricorn causes you to shift focus of your energies into valuing yourself in different ways, as your whole being is catapulted into a whole new environment. You will find that the challenges of your self, your independence will have one last challenge that will be the blessing in disguise that will ultimately usher you into your true career. You will be pushed to move your life into a different environment that has a whole different career path associated with it. You will be looking at the new areas of your life that have a solid career path and financial success with it, which have both been a bit stressed during this trial-by-fire time period. As Pluto moves through Capricorn, you will find that financially you will be looking at the need to change careers and to look at different ones entirely. Due to this blessing in disguise, you will ultimately find yourself on the threshold of your true career path. You will expand your finances and come to see the value of this blessing in disguise. As Pluto moves into Capricorn and Uranus moves into Aries, you will gain the type of power needed and the type of position that you land will be unexpected, but you will see that it is indeed taking you into the true directions that you belong.

CAPRICORN - Pluto moving into Capricorn causes you to shift your focus and opens up your intuitive insight. You have grown your own inner world and grown those qualities that truly matter. Your inner world has grown in deepening the values and power that naturally come with a Capricorn's ambitions and goals. Pluto moving through Capricorn, your own sign, pushes you into the type of directions that you have wanted, however your journey will have plenty of twists and turns. Ultimately, Pluto's movement into Capricorn shifts the type of journey into being one that is least expected. You will find that you have to run just to keep up with this new pace of your life. Pluto empowers and forces you to expand you energies into so many directions at once and you'll have to eat and sleep on the run. Your life will take off into a new direction and it won't return to anything that resembles "normal" in a long time. You will be running at a faster and faster pace. Then with Pluto continuing to transition through Capricorn, you will find that the spotlight is on you and you have become the important person overnight. This takes you into a ball game that you least expected, but yet one that has you in your field of expertise. Your confidence level is strong, but you are in a whole new league. You will find that your ambitions and goals will become very visible and you will become the spotlight of leadership according to the inner qualities that you have grown while Pluto has been in Sagittarius. Many Capricorn's will come into positions of leadership from situations experienced while Pluto shifts through Sagittarius and continues to unfold the Capricorn opportunities to meet issues of ethics in business dealings head on in order to show your true capabilities.

AQUARIUS - Pluto moving into Capricorn causes important issues to be addressed and major business connections to be determined. Jupiter opens up and prompts you to address your inner world, which provides the impetus to look at the great amount of new career options that are emerging. You have been building your talents while working with people for many years and have experienced challenges that you have responded to successfully. Now the connections you have built with people will open the doors to a career path that has a strong destiny feel to it. You will launch your life into new directions as Pluto moves through Capricorn, you will see the power and potential of this new career path. You will see the value and these opportunities as a chance to use your natural abilities in the world of others, to help, aid and assist. This important career shift has the type of pull that is spurred by timing factors that are from a strong destiny. You have to pursue this at any cost and so you will be propelled into this direction one way or another. Your humanitarian pursuits will begin to kick in and your determination to make a difference is one that catapults you into this new career path that evolves.

PISCES - Pluto moving into Capricorn impacts your efforts to work in situations that have challenged your honesty, integrity and philosophy. You have pursued your true beliefs and they have been the element of a great deal of challenges in the past. This has kept you from feeling your success. As Pluto moves through Capricorn, you will find that a whole new career opens up according to your philosophy and you have the opportunity to take this philosophy into a whole new career pathway. As Pluto moves into Capricorn, you will find that your career has opened up huge opportunities that are beyond your dreams and you will walk into this environment, looking around and almost in disbelief as it is something that you've always dreamed of and now it is a reality. Then as Pluto and Capricorn shift your environment, you will find that this business and new career pathway is becoming more of a powerful position overnight than what you would have thought. You find that you are setting the pace with humanity and that you have become the spokes person for the ordinary person, to show what the ordinary person feels in situations. Your intuition becomes very pronounced as you move into these new directions. You can finally utilize your inner capabilities, the ones that always seemed to be a curse, yet now become elements coveted and envied, inspired by how you wear them and express them with confidence.

Section 2 - Pluto in Capricorn - according to your Birth Chart

Written by Karyl Jackson
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