Major Aspects in March 2020

March 3 - Venus square Saturn - 28 Aries / 28 Capricorn

March 8 - Sun conjunct Neptune - 18 Pisces

March 8 - Venus conjunct Uranus - 4 Taurus

March 9 - Mercury turns direct - 28 Aquarius

March 9 - Sun opposition Moon - 19 Pisces / 19 Virgo - FULL MOON 

March 18 - Moon conjunct Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn - Capricorn

March 19 - Sun enters Aries - Equinox

March 20 - Mars conjunct Jupiter - 21 Capricorn

Marach 21 - Saturn enters Aquarius

March 22 - Mars conjunct Pluto - 24 Capricorn

March 24 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 4 Aries

March 24 - NEW MOON conjunct Chiron - 4 Aries

March 29 - April 6 - Jupiter conjunct Pluto - 24 Capricorn 

March 31 - Mars conjunct Saturn - 1 Aquarius


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Pluto in Capricorn

Section 1 - According to your Sun Sign

Section 2 - According to your Birth Chart

To understand the effect of the Pluto explosion into Capricorn look to the location of Capricorn according to the house placement of your natal chart as the location will point to the issues that become your primary focus as Pluto moves through Capricorn (2008 - 2023) This will be the area in which you will find a great deal of activity and explosion of opportunities that move you into the real active time of Pluto in Capricorn SQUARE Uranus in Aries, which open the floodgates for Pluto's power in Capricorn business and career and the TRUE SELF to emerge;

If you don't know the house placement that Capricorn encompasses, purchase the Alpha Life Trends newsletter and a complimentary chart will be provided.  (Birth information is required; Birth Date, Birth Place and Birth Time) The NATAL CHART will also show the placement of all the Mercury retrogrades for 2014/2015.  

Section 2 - According to your Birth Chart

Pluto in Capricorn impacting your 1st house. You will be asked to step into the volatile world of power, business and will have to challenge the authority figures around you. With Pluto impacting your 1st house at this time you will be given a position of power as Pluto explosion occurs. You will have walked into the world of business, power, and authority. You will be placed in a position to challenge the previous authority and ethics as you are a power in the revolutionary changes that are slated to occur during this transition of Pluto moving into Capricorn. The 1st house rules leadership and with the explosion of Pluto opening the doors to your leadership ability, you will be faced with Pluto's powerful process of requiring that you walk through the trial by fire pathway of Sagittarius since 1995 in order to be prepared for the positions of power that Pluto has in store for you. You will have moved up through the ranks of the intensity of the inferno to show your capability of handling the true authority and power that will be given to you as Pluto moves into Capricorn. Your image will go through a complete makeover and you will have to stand up in your true leadership potential, whether you want to or not. Within the challenges of this Pluto event, you will be faces with Pluto's call to power!

Pluto in Capricorn impacting your 2nd house You will adjust your focus from your philosophy to revising your material security, whether it is money or investments. Pluto brings a great intensity to the situations and requires all that is false be taken away and build out of the ashes a stronger value system. Capricorn is your career and business pursuits, so you may be asked to put your money on the table in order to build the business that you truly want to build. This requires that you "bet it all" in a sense. For some this may be their "retirement" or their "life savings" or any other way that you feel that you are betting it all. Pluto brings a sense of accomplishment into the equation and will push you to make these important choices as the Pluto explosion takes place and you begin to see the writing of your destiny on the wall. Ultimately Pluto brings forward the energy of passion and purpose during the transition and you find the type of business you want to build because you believe in it. This is shifting away from the monetary aspects and going deeper into the equation of the value system and what money can do when intertwined with passion and a sense of purpose. Pluto in Sagittarius required that you strengthen yourself and have your self and your direction become stronger than the world around you. Not an easy task. Now it is to take that self that is galvanized with strength, to make choices that put you onto a career path that will expand your connections into a new business arena, one that you may not have thought in a million years you belong in, but you will find that everything that ha occurred up til now has all been to prepare you for your new position of passion.

Pluto in Capricorn impacting your 3rd house. You will move into this time of Pluto in Capricorn by bringing forward information that you have to speak or to write and to bring the Truth forward in ways that may not be the most popular amidst a society that still thinks the world is flat. The Pluto explosion cracks open the world of Truth that has landed in your lap. You are here to bring this information forward and you are moving into a time when you have your calling come into reality. You may have passed the point of retirement or you may just be graduating from college, either way, the impetus to bring information forward has now reached your venue. No longer will the false information and lies exist, you have lived through the experience as Pluto has finished it's time in Sagittarius in which the choices of Money or Truth showed the realities of the choices. You are moving into a time in which your business and your career will be a direct response of the situations and events that you have experienced. You are moving into a time in which you will speak up, you will say what needs to be said and your communication will echo through the halls of the old structures that chose money rather than truth. You are here to say what no one else will say, but you can't turn your back on the information that you now have sitting in your lap. The handwriting of destiny on the wall pushes you to grab your passion, your voice and speak up. The energy comes from deep in your being, you know that you are walking into your purpose, this is what you have come here to do. Regardless of the age or generation you come from, your message encompasses a universal message of Truth, one that crosses over the generations and becomes the Truth that is vital to everyone.

Pluto in Capricorn impacting your 4th house. You will move into this time of Pluto in Capricorn as you revise your foundation of the basics of all that is important. You have had to walk your spiritual path and spiritual journey and have felt that you are walking off a cliff. You are headed in the right directions as you have just left an arena of old concepts and have had to journey to the new world of new understanding. With the shift of Pluto in Capricorn, you have had to divorce yourself from the past and old concepts that restricted you and kept you from being yourself. Now with Pluto moving through Capricorn, you may be left with nothing but yourself and your God, but you can now begin to build again. With the explosion of Pluto you reached the limit of the past situations dictating you and your world. You could no longer live within the situations of old concepts, you have had to break free from the past, even if you had to leave everything behind. Your choices have to be true to your true beliefs. Similar to taking a stand against slavery and run for your life, you have to grab what you have; your Self and your God and start building your life again. Pluto in Capricorn helps to provide the impetus especially after the explosion of Pluto as it moved out of Sagittarius, which signaled the last straw to situations. It is time to take the only important things in your life and leave the old, the false, and the slavery to the past.

Pluto in Capricorn impacting your 5th house You will experience the transition of Pluto moving into Capricorn as bringing the basic foundation of your true beliefs into a new world with creativity, options and opportunities. The Pluto explosion opened up your home environment representing your basic emotional beliefs and connection with your self. You are now ready to walk into the world of options and opportunity and to open the gates of the past to find the Sun dawning on a new life. Your passion has increased and yet the dark times of living your philosophy seemed to be very dark and made you feel as if you were all alone. Opportunities will emerge in ways that you had not dreamed of and your creative nature is ready to move forward. The adjustments that you make as Jupiter moves into Capricorn mid December give you a sense of hope that you may be afraid to trust or to feel optimistic about. But as situations evolve as Pluto moves through Capricorn and the Mercury retrograde hits a time of adjustment, you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You are moving into new times, yet with the trial-by-fire scenarios that you have experienced, you may not think that a new dawn will come. Yet as situations change, you will move into a whole new arena. Your creativity and your self-expression becomes a key factor and your faith and trust in the foundation of your philosophy becomes the key to unlocking your creative qualities that will seek to find creative endeavors. The expression of love and listening to that inner spark will take you into new avenues, ones that will provide the appropriate avenue to new career and business pursuits.

Pluto in Capricorn impacting your 6th house. You will experience the transition of Pluto moving into your 6th house as a journey to instill many new regimes into your life dealing with your work, health and accomplishments. Pluto moving out of Sagittarius spurred you into looking at your health and work environments and regimes as part of the old system that is now beckoning you to make some very important transitions. Your career and business pursuits are taking a new turn changing the old concepts into new concepts. Your recent discoveries are breaking into the old concepts and you are positioning yourself to move into new directions. The Pluto explosion has given you the opportunity to capitalize on your creative ventures of late in which you have worked and believed in your projects. Whether your old environment is capable of housing these discoveries or you have to launch into new environments, you are ready to emerge with your projects ready to put them into form. Whether your discoveries were regarding medical breakthroughs or health concepts that blend old and new philosophies together, you will find that Pluto moving through Capricorn will provide the stepping stones that take you into your new areas. The ability to heal and the ability to be of service comes into play in very real and strong ways. Your career and business pursuits now encompass the great discoveries that you have made and with the Truth of your results, you are ready to move these into the right form.

Pluto in Capricorn impacting your 7th house. You will find that as Pluto moves into your 7th house you are moving out of the old structures of being who and what others wanted and move you out of the old corral and into a much larger world of people. You may have been inundated with responsibilities and have been kept from experiencing the social arenas that you have desired. You have had to take your philosophy of responsibility and duty and had to deal with situations with that philosophy. You are ready to emerge out of the system of responsibility to have a much greater arena to be involved with. You have wanted to be more social and now your career and business pursuits provide that shift. This sets well with your natural talents and abilities and you feel very positive about this transition. You are ready to expand your social interactions and have reached a time when you are out of the old focus toward responsibility and reaching a greater world with greater impact and greater social accessibility. You are finally emerging out of the past and into your natural calling. Your new career and business pursuits are part of the exciting transition as Pluto moves through Capricorn. Your social connections explode open a whole new group of people with a whole new focus. This connects you with the arena that has more social impact and has more opportunities. You are ready to move your passion into this new arena and you are ready to move into these new career paths.

Pluto in Capricorn impacting your 8th house. You will find that as Pluto moves into your 8th house you are ready to come to terms with the chance to invest in yourself. You have been helping and assisting others for so long and now comes the time to make decisions that surround your true self and your true calling. You are ready to make decisions about your desires, your true wants and to shift the focus from others to the focus that is about your inner sense of Self. The Pluto explosion has pushed you past the point of providing help and assistance to others, as at a time you can lead a horse to the water but you can't make them drink. You have reached this point that others have to be on their own. You have put your philosophy forward and whether it was taken or not, you are ready to let it go. This becomes important as the true of philosophy is for the person to walk the path. Your past efforts have been stellar and the walk that you have taken to assist others has been the trial-by-fire pathway. You can no longer be of the best service to others and it is time to come face to face with your own path. You inner depth is calling to you and you want to have the time to answer and you are ready to make this shift. You feel this new inner voice calling to you and you want to answer. You are ready to answer the call to discover more and you will pull away from people who only want you to do everything for them. You want to do more for yourself. This becomes an important transition as it is time for you to invest in yourself. As Pluto continues to intensify, you will see the handwriting on the wall that it is time for you to move into your own direction, one that has been calling you for a while. It is important that you expand your inner concepts and deepen your vision. You are ready to move into a new and deeper connection with yourself and to accomplish the greatest task of self awareness and self realization. It is time for you to listen to a greater and higher sense of Self.

Pluto in Capricorn impacting your 9th house. You will find that as Pluto moves into your 9th house you are ready to come out of the inner depth of self with the opportunity to expand this greater self into a larger world with goals and aspirations that provide you with new career and business pursuits. Your philosophy and understanding has gained a lot of strength and awareness and now you are being called to integrate that philosophy into a new direction. You will set new goals for yourself and you will expand in new career directions. Situations that you have experienced within your deep connections with your Self have allowed you to grow in your commitment and your convictions and beliefs. Now you will move into a new environment integrating these new beliefs into the outside world with new goals, aspirations and business pursuits. You will find that the change is lighter and allows more light of hope and optimism into your life as well. As the Pluto explosion opens the door to this shift, you will find that it opens up many new opportunities to move your career and business pursuits into new directions. You are ready to expand your communications, teaching and learning of new aspects of your career. You will see that many of the old pressures are off and you have made the transition from being in a darkened place to emerge into the light. This provides you the chance to expand more of your true beliefs into the outside world through self-expression, communication and teaching. You may be learning a new trade, learning through new studies, but the fact that you are lining up new goals, gives you a new lease on life.

Pluto in Capricorn impacting your 10th house. You will find that as Pluto moves into your 10th house you are ready to come into your true and rightful career. While Pluto was in Sagittarius, you had to walk through the trial-by-fire situations about your beliefs and put your beliefs on the line. This may have felt like you continued to get burned and continued to reach dead ends, especially as you followed the carrot of what you felt was right. The journey has left you exhausted, however, the journey had a much greater purpose than was seen, it provided the environment to show whether you were going to stop at the first sight of reward or at the first hill of challenge. You had to gain a much greater connection with your philosophy as it was incorporated with the outside world, to keep with your philosophy regardless of the results in the outside world. The journey that you have taken has now placed you to the highest level achieved and will now move you into your rightful career and business path. The Pluto explosion opens the door to walk out of the arena of the past and move into the arena that has you follow your philosophy and true calling. As Pluto contiues to move through Capricorn, you begin to see your career and business emerge and reveal that the choices that you have made are now taking you into the direction that you have chosen through your actions and deeds. You will see yourself on the doorstep of the world that you have chosen as your actions and deeds have created the stepping stones that you now find yourself walking. Opening up the new territory of your career and new avenues for your business pursuits, you are veering into new and different directions, one that puts your into your rightful place.

Pluto in Capricorn impacting your 11th house. You find that as Pluto moves into your 11th house, you are drawn into making new decisions about your career that have to do with the greater humanitarian picture and the desire to change your focus. You are involved with humanitarian pursuits and the larger plight of mankind has spurred you forward all through the old business arena, but now pushes you into a new and different direction. This new direction provides a major opportunity as the Pluto explosion has you jump from one ship to another. The new ship is calling for someone of your talents to become the spokes person about the larger picture, about the real need for people and the plight of mankind is deafening. You make important choices to jump to a new ship, one that has a purpose and a passion that encompasses a greater good and one that has all of your passion engaged. You are ready for the shifts that are happening as Pluto in Capricorn continues to provide you with the offer of a lifetime in which you can't refuse it or the calling of your heart. You make the change and make the jump because your heart and soul realize the need of the greater good to have a voice and a perspective that needs to be heard. As Uranus shifts into Aries in March and the mercury retrograde occurs in Aries as well, you realize that this shift is putting you right into the positions that you have dreamed of and now they are a reality. This is your time, the call is deafening as is the plight of humanity. You are ready to let the Aries quality lead, this is your time.

Pluto in Capricorn impacting your 12th house. You find that as Pluto moves into your 12th house you are moving into a very important time, one that has destiny written all over it. Pluto provides the point of power and whether it has been used for the best or not becomes the opportunity for you to connect with it. As the Pluto connection sparks the explosion of outer situations, you are ready to move into a new world within yourself, to come into a time of understanding the importance of the inner world. This inner world sees all, all across time, all across people and connects you with the true inner environments that are within us all. You are coming to understand the importance of these inner worlds and the opportunity to move this understanding into the outside world as it pertains to your career and new business pursuits. The power of the inner world is incredible and is yet so often not understood. In your way you will be moving into the right career directions in which you'll have the chance to expand your ability for others to understand the importance of this inner arena. With your insight and intuition, you can come into the business world to shine a new light onto this important environment. Once Pluto moves into Capricorn you will walk into a new career focus and be ready to integrate the importance of this inner world into your new career. Pluto moving through Capricorn empowers this process as you will naturally have an impact in the humanitarian world of others. The natural shift of Pluto into Capricorn means that the Aquarius focus of humanity is now in view, where it was not even in the ball game before. The Mercury retrograde in Aries in March/April gives you the chance to see the importance of your shifts and how they will impact the larger scope of others.

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Written by Karyl Jackson
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