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Major Aspects in 

October 2018

October 5 - Venus turns retrograde - 10 Scorpio

October 8 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 16 Libra

October 9 - Mercury enters Scorpio

October 10 - Mercury opposition Uranus - 1 Scorpio / 1 Taurus

October 15 - Mercury conjunct Venus retrograde - 8 Scorpio

October 23 - Sun enters Scorpio

October 23 - Sun opposition Uranus - 0 Scorpio / 0 Taurus

October 24 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 1 Scorpio / 1 Taurus

October 26 - Sun conjunct Venus Retrograde - 3 Scorpio

October 30 - Mercury enters Sagittarius

October 31 - Venus retrograde opposition Uranus - 0 Scorpio / 0 Taurus


2018 Overview

The previous ELEVEN/TWO* years' occurred in 2009, 2000, 1991, 1982, 1973, 1963, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. Clearing the decks of the past situations to prepare for the NEW Uranus in Taurus Era becomes the active theme all the way through the year with the spotlight of major shifts beginning in October, November and December to open to the following THREE* year (*in numerology terms) of 2019.



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Celestial Trends - October 2018

October 2018 Overview

October is universally a THREE month, emphasizing a new level of self-expression from our sense of awareness, understanding and commitment to “right action” choices. With Pluto turning retrograde on September 30th, setting the pace for October, situations will reveal element of the use of power in events in October that begin to transition our path from one direction to another. Venus turning retrograde on October 5th, shifts and changes issues dealing with love, money and well-being. Venus in Scorpio provides a transparency into our heart to see our true intentions and prepares for the shifts and changes needed to align with the commitment to “right action” choices. Mid-October Mercury connects with Venus retrograde, bringing in the transparency to reveal the commitment and responsibility of aligning the inner and outer values. By the 26th, Sun shines the light onto our true commitment and alignment with our values to bring the Full Moon perspective to see in the dark, our new pathway emerging from this perspective. As Jupiter spends the last few days in Scorpio, completing a year of expanding the views through transparency that began October 10th, 2017, Jupiter connects with Mercury. Most of the time Jupiter only connects with the Sun and Mercury once during this annual process of Jupiter, but with Jupiter in Scorpio, a second visit with Mercury comes to bring in a final view on October 29, 2018, of the transparency issues that emerged during the first Mercury/Jupiter connection on October 18, 2017. With Venus retrograde in Scorpio, another series of adjustments occur from this incredible perspective.

Bonus Article about how Venus Retrograde is pulling back the curtains to reveal the Uranus in Taurus Era, click onto the OnLine Newsletter

September 30th through October 6th
This week, September 30th through October 6th, we begin with Pluto turning direct on the last day of the month. Pluto rules power as the use or misuse of power will begin to surface. Pluto has been retrograde in Capricorn since April 22nd. Many previously hidden situations and actions will begin to surface. Pluto pulls the curtain to reveal all this has been hidden, bringing in transparency and clearer vision. Additionally, Venus has reached 10 Scorpio and will begin to turn retrograde by the end of the week, Friday, October 5th , going back through Scorpio to 25 Libra. The planet of Venus turns retrograde every couple years or so and turns retrograde in the same sign of Scorpio every EIGHT (8) years. Previous orbit of Venus retrograde in Scorpio is 2010, 2002, 1994, 1986, 1978 and the like. Reviewing these times of October, November, December will reveal the themes of Venus retrograde in Scorpio and how it impacts our life.

Special article published and is NOW available detailing the personal impact of Venus in Scorpio Retrograde . With Uranus in early degrees of Taurus, and Venus retrograding in early degrees Scorpio, there will be many adjustments being made during the next several months, setting up the Uranus in Taurus Era.

October 7th through October 13th
This week we are moving into new territory with Venus turning retrograde. Venus rules harmony, balance and solutions. With Venus retrograde, the focus is on current situations that require resolutions. With Venus retrograde in Scorpio, a deeper perspective is required. The last time that Venus was retrograde in Scorpio was eight (8) years ago, 2010, 2002, 1994, 1986, 1978, etc. The NEW MOON on October 8th brings us into this new territory, which some find as an exciting adventure, while others refuse to accept the new territory, and everything in between. Mercury shifts into Scorpio on the 9th, which brings in a new level of transparency. Mercury opposition to Uranus, brings us information that requires the Uranus in Taurus Era comes into view as the status quo is changing.

October 14th through October 20th
This week brings Mercury into connection with Venus retrograde, which is to highlight the information that is streaming into the situations that Venus retrograde is attempting to resolve. This connection in Scorpio provides another layer of transparency and digging for the truth of situations in order to have solutions emerge. All week Information comes into the picture that will ultimately build up until Sun shines the light onto the Venus retrograde solutions on October 26th. The flow of information continues to bring more and more from the underside of situations through the transparency of Mercury in Scorpio.

October 21st through October 27th
This week, Sun shifts into Scorpio and creates an opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Through this aspect, the Sun shines the light onto the information that began to surface on October 10th with Mercury in opposition to Uranus. Pulling the curtains back to reveal our true values, Sun shines the light onto the information that is now creating the Uranus in Taurus Era. On the 24th, a high tide of this information hits our shore as a tsunami of information comes barreling into our life. This Full Moon emphasizes 0 Scorpio / 0 Taurus and blows in the information requires changing our deeper self and our perspective. On the 26th, Sun connects with Venus retrograde, which spotlights the information that was brought forward on the 15th when Mercury connected to Venus retrograde. This information is on view with the transparency and requires solutions become the purpose of the new scenarios.

October 28th through November 3rd
This last week of October brings Mercury into Sagittarius, which provides a new level of honesty as well as puts information on the table as indisputable evidence. Situations are revealed through transparency, but Mercury shifting into Sagittarius puts it all on the table. It is what it is. On Wednesday Venus retrograde creates an opposition to Uranus in Taurus, which pulls the curtain back to reveal the Uranus in Taurus Era. This dynamic aspect precipitates a very powerful force of change. We move into the month of November to bring in a new requirement of “right action”. The transition into November is strong, dynamic and with Mercury in Sagittarius, the indisputable evidence on the table becomes the overwhelming information that requires we address situations as they occur.

November 2018 Overview
November is universally a FOUR month, emphasizing a new level of effort as the transparency issues emerge and prompt another series of adjustments. As Venus retrogrades back out of Scorpio and into partnership oriented Libra, many elements of the transparency are visible from this incredible perspective. At the same time, Uranus retrogrades back into Aries, which requires we address issues of the Self, and balance of the self in our expression with relationship dealing with love, money and well-being. Uranus requires we peel back the layers of the Aries elements of Self to see the real person, especially as related to the Venus retrograde issues of our true values. Jupiter transitions out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius to turn toward the honest communication and information that is on the table. Jupiter will stay in Sagittarius approximately one year, and expand us beyond our comfort zone to discuss the issues that are brought forward at this time. Also Venus turns direct on November 15th, Mercury turns retrograde at 13 Sagittarius, bringing forward the indisputable evidence through honesty of communication. As Mercury brings information forward, the clarity begins to be seen as it is all on the table and has to be addressed. The last week of November, Sun and Mercury take turns connecting with Jupiter, expanding the information that is coming forward to be addressed. With Sagittarius driving the focus, the indisputable evidence is on the table and requires situations to be reviewed.

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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