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Major Aspects in 

December 2018

December 1 - Mercury retrograde enters Scorpio

December 2 - Venus enters Scorpio

December 6 - Mercury turns direct - 27 Scorpio

December 6 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 15 Sagittarius

December 7 - Mars conjunct Neptune - 14 Pisces

December 12 - Mercury moves into Sagittarius

December 21 - Mercury conjunct Jupiter - 9 Sagittarius

December 21 - Sun enters Capricorn - Solstice

December 22 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 1 Capricorn / 1 Cancer

December 31 - Mars enters Aries

January 1 - Sun conjunct Saturn - 11 Capricorn

New Year 2019

2019 is universally a THREE year, similar to 2010, 2001, 1992, 1983, 1974,1965, etc.


2018 Overview

The previous ELEVEN/TWO* years' occurred in 2009, 2000, 1991, 1982, 1973, 1963, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. Clearing the decks of the past situations to prepare for the NEW Uranus in Taurus Era becomes the active theme all the way through the year with the spotlight of major shifts beginning in October, November and December to open to the following THREE* year (*in numerology terms) of 2019.



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Celestial Trends - November 2018

November 2018 Overview
November is universally a FOUR month, emphasizing a new level of effort as the transparency issues emerge and prompt another series of adjustments. The stage of events begins on October 29th with the connection of Mercury and Jupiter at 27 Scorpio. Having this connection at 27 Scorpio sets the pace for the information and situations to come into focus that will point to the adjustments needed. With Jupiter leading this Mercury retrograde, Jupiter is expanding the Scorpio elements and bring our motives and ethics into our new journey. Mercury is bringing in the situations and information that provide the setting for us to shift into our new phase. This Mercury retrograde becomes the adjustment period to recalibrate our focus and give us the elements that we can integrate. This integration process will get us up to date with our pursuits and adjustments will give us a new focus, philosophy and purpose. Mercury will give us the adjustment time needed as a course correction to Jupiter’s new theme in Sagittarius. Mercury connects with Jupiter at 27 Scorpio on October 29th, completes the Mercury retrograde and then connects with Jupiter at 9 Sagittarius on December 21st. The shifts and changes in between these times becomes an important phase to get with the new program.

In November, Venus retrogrades back out of Scorpio and into partnership oriented Libra, many elements of the transparency are visible from this incredible perspective. At the same time, Uranus retrogrades back into Aries, which requires we address issues of the Self, and balance of the self in our expression with relationship dealing with love, money and well-being. Uranus requires we peel back the layers of the Aries elements of Self to see the real person, especially as related to the Venus retrograde issues of our true values.

In November, Jupiter transitions out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius to turn toward the honest communication and information that is on the table. Jupiter will stay in Sagittarius approximately one year, and expand us beyond our comfort zone to discuss the issues that are brought forward at this time. With Venus turning direct on November 16th, and Mercury turning retrograde at 13 Sagittarius, many pieces of information will bring forward the indisputable evidence through honesty of communication. As Mercury brings information forward, the clarity begins to be seen as it is all on the table and has to be addressed. The last week of November, Sun and Mercury take turns connecting with Jupiter, expanding the information that is coming forward to be addressed. With Sagittarius driving the focus, the indisputable evidence is on the table and requires situations to be reviewed.

In December, both Mercury and Venus shift into Scorpio and advance toward December 6th, as Mercury turns direct.  Mercury will reconnect with Jupiter already in Sagittarius on December 21st, which provides the time frame to have our updates and adjustments made.  Mercury and Jupiter connected on October 29th at 27 Scorpio and again,  Mercury and Juptier connect on December 21st at 9 Sagittarius.  In between these times, we have to get with the program and update to the new energy focus of living our beliefs as the transparency of our actions speak to our true philosophy and our real core essence.  Descrepancies become the major issue to address as we move into 2019.

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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