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Major Aspects in 

November 2019

October 31 - Mercury turns retrograde - 28 Scorpio 

8:42 am PDT / 11:42 EDT

November 1 - Venus enters Sagittarius

November 5 - Mars square Pluto - 21 Libra / 21 Capricorn

November 11 - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde - 19 Scorpio

November 12 - Sun opposite Moon - FULL MOON - 20 Scorpio / 20 Taurus

November 18 - Mars enters Scorpio

November 20 - Mercury turns direct - 11 Scorpio

11:12 am PST / 2:12 pm EST

November 21 - Sun enters Sagittarius

November 24 - Mars opposite Uranus - 3 Scorpio / 3 Taurus

November 26 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 4 Sagittarius

November 27 - Neptune turns direct - 16 Pisces

December 2 - Jupiter enters Capricorn - December 2019  - December 2020


2019 Overview

The previousTHREE* years' occurred in 2010, 2001, 1992, 1983, 1974, 1965 etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. Rolling out our revised spiritual blueprints create our NEW Uranus in Taurus Era, which become the new environment from 2019 through 2025.  The New Era reveals our true values as we move through the  THREE* year (*in numerology terms) of 2019.



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Celestial Trends - November 2019

November Overview

October brings in critical events as Mercury pushes through Scorpio quickly, being more than 25 degrees ahead of the Sun.  Sun lagging behind Mercury creates a very disjointed feeling of information flying ahead, but with Sun, the current status continues to be behind in the process.  October sets the stage for very critical events, which will bring in the transparency of this Mercury retrograde process to reveal the deeper workings of this time.  

Along with the Mercury Retrograde Phenomena Graphs, (see below) we will be able to understand the important turning points for this activity as briefly listed below:

October 23rd - Sun moves into Scorpio: Sun shining the light into the events and the information flow occurring within the Scorpio sector, beginning the transparency process to view ethics, motives, and intentions.

October 27 – Sun conjunct Moon at 4 Scorpio: New Moon in early Scorpio opens the door to new beginnings as it relates to transparency and looking at situations from a deeper level. Start of new beginnings to a process that impacts each of us on a personal level as well as the larger world stage.

October 31 – Mercury slows and turns retrograde: Mercury has reached 28 Scorpio and slows to a pause, taking about 24 hours to turn retrograde. Mercury information has stretched situations are far as possible before we backtrack to find the missing pieces.

November 1 – Mercury begins to move retrograde from our perspective: In reality Mercury doesn’t move backwards, we in our orbit are beginning to move faster and it gives the impression that Mercury is backwards, when in reality we are finally moving faster than Mercury to catch up to all that has been happening during Mercury’s information blizzard.

November 11 – Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde: Sun has finally caught up to Mercury, having spotlighted a lot of information since first entering into Scorpio. The discovery of the footsteps of Mercury become visible through this process as well as the transparency that emerges as well.

November 12 – Sun opposition Moon: This Full Moon accentuates the Scorpio Sun and the Taurus Moon, creating a high tide of information that washes onto our shore. Assisted by Sun conjunct Mercury from the 11th, major spotlights provide visibility onto key issues and situations.

November 18th – Mars enters Scorpio: Mars enters the Scorpio sector, joining Sun and Mercury. Mars activates the issues and situations that are spotlighted by the Sun and by Mercury’s surge of information that was flowing information from many avenues into the sector before Sun came along to spotlight the events.

November 20th – Mercury turns direct: Mercury has reached back to 11 Scorpio, and has backtracked to revise the information and Sun has brought the spotlight to all that has transpired during the journey through the Scorpio sector as Sun has reached the 28 degrees that Mercury reached before turning retrograde.

November 21st – Mercury moves forward: From this point Mercury moves forward unfolding the various information that was spotlighted and the transparency of motives, ethics and intentions area brought to the surface. Revision of the information flow to be visible and to bring value into the process.

The purpose of Mercury retrograde is to revise our concepts and direction, similar to a course correction, according to the situations and circumstances that have been changed through this retrograde process. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio brings information to the surface that reveals those elements below the surface that are impacting our life. The course correction creates a revised journey that takes us back to the beginning point of Mercury at 11 Scorpio (October 11th) to revise our process, journey and concepts.

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As November rolls into December, a major aspect brings dynamic shifts into the transition from November to December.  December 2nd, bring Jupiter into Capricorn, which will connect with Saturn and Pluto, as major transitions occur.  Read more with the Alpha Life Trends newsletter.

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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