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Major Aspects in February 2020

February 2 - Mercury reaches 28 Aquarius   (Mercury retrograde return point - same degree reached on March 9th)

February 3 - Mercury enters Pisces

February 9 - Sun opposition Moon - 20 Aquarius / 20 Leo - FULL MOON 

February 16 - Mars enters Capricorn

February 16 - Mercury reaches 13 Pisces - hovers til February 18th - Turns retrograde

February 18 - Sun shifts into Pisces - Mercury moves retrograde - 13 Pisces

February 21 - Mars trine Uranus - 3 Capricorn / 3 Taurus

February 23 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 4 Pisces

February 25 - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde - 7 Pisces

February 28 - Venus square Pluto - 24 Aries / 24 Capricorn



2019 Overview

The previousTHREE* years' occurred in 2010, 2001, 1992, 1983, 1974, 1965 etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. Rolling out our revised spiritual blueprints create our NEW Uranus in Taurus Era, which become the new environment from 2019 through 2025.  The New Era reveals our true values as we move through the  THREE* year (*in numerology terms) of 2019.



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Alpha Life Trends

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Celestial Trends - February 2020

February 2020 Overview

2020 is a universal FOUR year. As a building year, FOUR brings forward self-discipline, effort, responsibility and accountability. This FOUR year requires a planned and organized approach to all aspects of the year. Work is associated with the FOUR, and how we approach those tasks and projects set the pace for using our efforts to build, streamline and accomplish the tasks required. Right after the champagne corks land, the line-up of planets in Capricorn, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto give us a series of tasks and projects to get organized as accountability issues are integrated into the requirements.

As the FOUR universal year of 2020 signals a new focus on responsibility, self-discipline, accountability, planning, organizing and mastering accomplishments, the New Year gives us tasks, tall orders and projects that need to be accomplished. The year will have demands that require a disciplined approach and an unending stream of energy. The previous universal FOUR years to review our own past history include 2011, 2002, 1993, 1984, 1975, 1966, 1957 and 1948, etc.

January 26th through February 1st
This week, we begin with the Chinese New Year celebrations continuing as the surroundings transition to a new focus, energy and theme. These new beginnings emphasize the emerging themes for the year. Starting this week, Venus connects to Neptune on Monday as our spiritual blueprints begin to reveal our new pathway. Our new pathway is also revealing the accountability factors as key transitions as we move through the last week of January.

With Saturn (24 Capricorn) now out in front of Pluto (23 Capricorn), accountability and facts will begin to be revealed. Instead of Pluto’s power out in front, accountability takes the lead. It is as if our accountability factors present our self as the front runner of our new image. With this FOUR year of 2020, accountability and facts become the focus and will begin to put those into the lead that have worked hard through choosing right action. Saturn one degree ahead of Pluto, will bring those who have held the power in the past to now have their accountability lead the way. This will begin to pull many people up into power positions that have done the work, with accountability becoming the focus.
Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 with our choices to use or mis-use power has been the lead. Now that Saturn has caught up and passed Pluto, accountability factors begin to show our choices and as Saturn continues to move ahead, more of our past work, effort and choices will be visible.

February 2nd through February 8th
This week, we begin with the SIX month of February opening the door to key opportunities and projects. SIX emphasizes health and healing, problem-solving, increasing efficiencies and engaging in important relationship discussions. SIX also emphasizes our home and work environments, which will bring all of the options forward to improve situations.

On Sunday, Mercury reaches 28 Aquarius and on Monday Mercury shifts into Pisces. Mercury brings in information with the Pisces elements regarding our spiritual connections, Divine perceptions and intuitive insights. Pisces is illusive as it encompasses the more invisible elements of life, as they are more spiritual in nature. Our spiritual blueprints began to shift and change as Venus connected to Neptune at the end of January, opening up February’s tasks geared to make key adjustments.

Mercury will progress through the early degrees of Pisces this week and pull us to review our spiritual goals, perceptions and sense of purpose. Making important adjustments begins the process of early February as we align our inner self with our core essence and spiritual status. Mercury in Pisces creates an inner pull to adjust our spiritual beliefs with our evolving journey.

On Friday, Moon is in opposition to Pluto and Saturn, which has many people ignoring the important messages coming into view. The Moon shifts into Aquarius on Saturday and will impact all. Some people will be pulled closer to the inner call, while others run in the opposition direction. Saturday evening, the almost Full Moon rises emphasizing the importance of this inner pull and the messages emerging as Mercury in Pisces accentuates the intuitive connections.

February 9th through February 15th
This week we begin with the Full Moon on Sunday, accentuating the Leo/Aquarius focus. This Full Moon brings our attention to the Aquarius factors of humanity, global concepts and the connection of the greater network of people. Aquarius rules humanity with the Leo elements of leadership as it plays a part in the larger international focus. The Full Moon emphasizes the importance of these sectors.
Saturn continues to move farther in front of Pluto, with the focus on accountability. Saturn in Capricorn brings the responsibility to reconcile choices and actions in business, career and financial arenas. Saturn’s theme all through this year is accountability as it paves the way for Pluto to have power only after accountability has been achieved. Saturn is now three (3) degrees ahead of Pluto. The strength of our alignment with accountability becomes the bridge over a deep crevasse. Pluto’s use or mis-use of power will have the forward progress earned through accountability or display the rickety bridge that keeps mis-use from progressing. This passage is integral to the Mercury retrograde shifts emerging.
Mercury in Pisces is emphasizing the invisible elements of spiritual essence and the information, intentions and communication that becomes the focus of this week. Mercury in Pisces is bringing in the critical elements of spiritual essence as we find many aspects of life become shifts in circumstances. These changes are preparing for Mercury to pause on February 16th, but not truly turn retrograde until February 18th. These two days will hold key events that set the stage for the upcoming Mercury retrograde transitions.

February 16th through February 22nd
This week begins with Mercury hitting 12 degrees Pisces and pausing, but not truly moving retrograde until February 18th. These two days will hold key events that set the stage for these important Mercury retrograde transitions. On Tuesday as Mercury begins to move retrograde, Sun shifts into Pisces, providing the spotlight to the key issues that are integral to this process. Additionally, Mars shifts into Capricorn to join Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, igniting many of the Capricorn shifts and changes that impact this Mercury retrograde.

Thursday Moon connects with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto bringing in a great deal of sensitivity to the transformations taking place. The Capricorn elements of career, business, corporate and financial dealings are the moving parts surrounding this Mercury retrograde course correction. As the Pisces alignment emphasizes the inner spiritual connection, the outer world will have many doors open to present changing situations that are geared to enhance those committed to efforts of accountability.
Friday, Mars creates a positive trine to the Uranus winds of change, which blow in many rewards or open doors that give us reasons to move forward, making a difference in the career directions we are pursuing. This activation of Mars brings in situations that were previously unknown to give us new directions, opportunities and choices.

February 23rd through February 29th
This week we begin with a New Moon at 4 Pisces, bringing us into a time of new beginnings for our spiritual pursuits. Pisces gives us reasons to connect with our inner beliefs and how we want to align our inner and outer world. With the changes also happening in the outer world, our inner direction and guidance is pushing us to take different roads and to explore other opportunities.
On Tuesday, Sun connects with Mercury retrograde, giving us all of the information needed to align our commitment with our decision, as we will shift our tracks when Mercury turns direct on March 9th. Sun bringing the spotlight onto the various choices and decisions, we will be ready to make our decisions, but wait til Mercury turns direct before we take a stand and have the conviction to shift our tracks and set up a new direction. Listening to our intuitive guidance, we are ready to make the changes that push us into the right direction.  On Friday, Venus creates a square to Pluto, which emphasizes the changes that move people out of the positions of leadership to prepare for other options.

Celestial Trends – March Overview
March is universally a SEVEN month, which brings us face to face with our self. We will have Saturn’s accountability factor as our portfolio that is making the shifts and changes for this Mercury retrograde, but also the surrounding elements of the Capricorn focus of career, business, corporate and financial dealings. Many opportunities emerge as we shift tracks, directions and pursuits. Aligning with our inner essence gives us the options earned through the lineup of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. SEVEN has us take inventory of our inner essence and the importance of aligning our life with our true purpose.

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