Major Aspects in 

March 2019

March 5 - Mercury turn retrograde - 29 Piscses - 10:10 am PST

March 6 - Uranus enters Taurus

March 6 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON  - 16 Pisces

March 6 - Sun conjunct Neptune - 16 Pisces

March 14 - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde - 24 Pisces

March 15 - Mercury retrograde square Jupiter - 23 Pisces / 23 Sagittarius

March 20 - Sun enters Aries / Equinox

March 20 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 1 Aries / 1 Libra

March 24 - Mercury retrograde conjunct Neptune - 17 Pisces

March 28 - Mercury turns direct - 6:59 am PDT

March 30 - Mars enters Gemini

Alpha Life Trends

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Numerology Mercury Retrograde 2019

Alpha Numerology Trends for 2019

Creative, Expressive and Expansive Year

Personal Numerology Trends for 2019

As the transition into 2019, a universal THREE year begins, a new energy begins to emerge and become the driving force of situations, events and activities. In a universal THREE year we experience a surge of creativity and self-expression. This is a very active and positive year as situations pull you into expression and engage your creative energy.

Creative ideas will emerge and require a stronger foundation of self-discipline, accomplishment and expression. The ability to bring the creative ideas to fruition occur when the foundation is solid and hold the options through planning and organizing for the success.
The universal year dictates the outer circumstances, but the personal year determines the inner qualities that will be utilized to bring success into our personal life. To determine your basic instincts to situations and natural response to situations around you, look to your basic instinct number. To see your natural qualities and natural response to situations, your basic instinct number provides the perspective through which you see options and opportunities.

To determine the success of the universal THREE year and how your life will evolve in 2019, look to your Personal Year for 2019. There will be pathways that open providing creative options and a revised sense of purpose and passion as a stronger spiritual focus and creative expression with life.  Determine your Personal Year to understand a deeper level and purpose for events coming into your life at the current time. Look back nine years ago to see your own cycle; 2010, 2001, 1992, 1983, 1974, 1965 etc.

Discover your Basic Instincts
Understanding the information about yourself as shown by the ruling number of your Basic Instincts allows you to utilize your natural talents and abilities in all areas of your life. Working with these natural abilities opens the doorway of opportunity to realize the success that is inherent within you. Bringing more awareness of your individual skill set and integrating it with the timing of the outside world provides a winning combination for your personal and professional success.

How to figure YOUR Basic Instincts
There are NINE basic instincts, with each number representing qualities, characteristics, natural talents, and inherent abilities that make up your individual skill set. Additionally, the double digits of 11 and 22 are included as they are a higher octave to the basic numbers, bringing forward a stronger spiritual dynamic with additional spiritual energies and qualities prominent within the situations.  To figure your Basic Instincts number; Add your birth month and day together. Keep adding the digits together until you have only one digit between ONE and NINE, (11 and 22 are also included).

Example: May 11 becomes 5+11=16. Add the 1 and the 6 of the 16 together, such as 1 + 6 = 7.
The Basic Instinct of this individual is shown by the qualities associate with the number SEVEN. This person has a deeper side of life through interests of spiritual awareness, research, or analytical functions to understand more of the mystery of life.

Now that you have determined your Basic Instinct number, follow the example below to add this number to the current year of 2019 to find your Personal Year Numerology Trends.

How to figure YOUR Personal Year

Using the Example above to find your Basic Instinct, add the current year of 2019 such as (2 + 0 + 1 +9 = 12, 1 + 2 = 3. 2019 as universally a THREE year, which, when added together,  gives you your Personal Year for 2019, as detailed below. 

Details to Find your Personal Year, start by adding your Basic Instinct + current year of 2019, a THREE (3) universal year. Example is using the person with a Basic Instinct of a 7, adding to current year of a 3, which equals = 10, 1 + 0 (of the 10) = 1, This person is in a ONE Personal Year for all of 2019, experiencing the transition of walking into a new and different environment to make choices and move toward new directions that are very different and unique than the previous years. The person with a ONE Personal Year brings in the all important qualities of initiative and having the confidence to step into new roles, relationships and purpose.

THREE provides a very active, positive year with many options and opportunities. During this creative year, people will experience these qualities happening around them, but to understand how you will be impacted by this THREE year, look to your Personal Year.  

The graphics below provides information about your Basic Instinct, as to your basic characteristics. Then read your Personal Year information which is below the Graphic Number of your PERSONAL YEAR for 2019. This gives you the theme of situations you will experience while building a new expression during 2019.

The unique element of 2019 is that your Basic Instinct is setting the stage to expand your creativity, to grab hold of the opportunities emerging. . We will meet others within our environment that are shifting into new directions as well. Your Basic Instinct will progress in expression to blend qualities of your True Self into the creative tasks and projects that are opening all year long. Look to your Personal Year to see the theme and focus of qualities you will be expressing and adding to the situations at hand.  

Alpha Numerology Trends for 2019
Discover your Personal Year and your Alpha Numerology Trends
(scroll down to view the different Basic Instincts and Personal Year numbers for definitions)

ONE - Basic Instinct
You love to be independent, leading the charge into new directions. You are a dynamic, independent individual, inventive, innovative and adventuresome, always walking a new path with new requirements. You meet new situations well as you are quick to assess the situation to determine your plan of action. You love to be on your own and do not want anyone to put a leash on you either in your personal or business life. You are moving into a strong creative cycle in 2019, as you blend your new self with others. You are connecting with new and different people that will begin to expand your relationships and interactions with partnership elements.

ONE - Personal Year  (for those with an SEVEN Basic Instinct)

This is a year of beginning a new personal nine-year cycle. The first year of a new cycle is a time that you feel like the new kid on the block, uncertain about who you are, what is in your environment, how you are to go about doing things, why you are feeling not confident in your talents and abilities when you have before. Situations prompt a whole new approach and require that you strike out into new directions, walk down a new avenue and try things in a new way, moving outside the box. With the theme of a ONE personal year, you have to discover a new you.

Changes occur: April
Challenges occur: June
Success occurs: July
New beginnings open up: September

Experiencing a ONE Personal Year during a THREE universal year, prompts you to use your creativity to move situations into a positive direction. You will need to step up to the plate to bring initiative and unique qualities into the situations. By responding to situations as a unique individual, you will add to your environment and encounters with expression, ideas and enthusiasm. Breaking from your hesitation and doubts of the past situations, you will have a new attitude that gives you a greater confidence and stronger expression toward freedom. Moving away from your old situations, of constraints, limited environment and lesser relationships, you will to rise up in stature, allowing others to see the true YOU.

TWO - Basic Instinct

You work well with others, providing partnership connections to others to bring success to relationships in cooperation, mediation and negotiating skills. You are a natural negotiator and seem to always find the solutions that others cannot find. Your ability to work with all different types of individuals is a natural talent and ability and is one that becomes obvious over time as having an incredible ability to bring together opposite sides and to negotiate a peaceful treaty and agreement. With your natural talents of being a diplomat, you will experience change and the opportunity to travel as you use you new expanding capabilities in 2019.

TWO - Personal Year  (for those with an EIGHT Basic Instinct)

This is the year that you will work with people in your new environment, meeting new people and making new friends, building new relationships. TWO is also the number of waiting and building quietly within, as a hen sits on the eggs awaiting the hatching time. You will be more sensitive to others and to the insensitivities of others about the new you. You will have challenging people to meet and decide if you want them in your environment and strengthen dealing with others patiently, through negotiations, mediation and cooperation. You will have people around you to also reflect your own qualities, attitudes and expression.

Changes occur: March & December
Challenges occur: May
Success occurs: June
New Beginnings open up: August

Experiencing a TWO Personal Year during an THREE universal year, gives you many options to move into your true purpose, whether that is an ordinary journey or you have chose an extraordinary purpose. You will meet people all year long that help you to align with your true pathway, and to see the fulfilment of yourself express comes with requirements to maintain a strong spiritual perspective to be of greatest influence and help to others.

THREE - Basic Instinct

You love to be creative and think outside the box. You assess situations quickly and determine the best and most positive response as you want to share with others the many possibilities that exist. You see the positive silver lining and want others to see and experience this as well. Your self-expression and creativity provides the design and leadership ability to work with fun and spontaneous environments to enhance the experience. You love new and unique ideas and have a natural flare for drama and excitement.

THREE - Personal Year  (for those with a NINE Basic Instinct)

This is the year that you will bring many creative ideas into your environment, work and relationships. You will expand your resourceful nature and expand your communication, expression and excitement. Striking out in new ways of sharing your ideas and making new friends that share your creative pursuits, ideas and concepts begin to build your excitement and ability to have fun with your friends and in your life.

Changes occur: February and November
Challenges occur: April
Success occurs: May
New beginnings open up: July

For those in a THREE Personal Year while the universe is in a THREE, you will find your life follows the same energy, activities and purpose as the outside world. Your inner and outer worlds flow easily, and you may not realize how easy until you meet others that only know the challenge of their Personal Year not being in the best alignment with the Universal year. Being open to creative opportunities, you will think of many ways to bring a more positive energy into your career, business and work environment. Connecting with others will bring in a new spark of excitement to your situations. Your creative approach provides a unique and different perspective to those who share your environment and friendship.

FOUR- Basic Instinct

You You love to work, plan and organize as you aim for perfection in everything you do. You are methodical and logical with all aspects of your life and you want to work within a logical arena such as law, engineering or accounting as aiming for perfection is a natural gift. You desire to master situations and build on the strength and expertise you have acquired. You love to accomplish and see the accomplishments from your efforts, which spurs you even further along your chosen path, seeking out projects and tasks to accomplish.

FOUR - Personal Year  (for those with a ONE-Basic Instinct)

This is the year that you will work hard, put out a lot of effort, build the foundation of the career, business and work efforts you will use in the future. You will organize, plan, create the stepping stones of your journey forward and actually climb the mountain of tasks that are in front of you. You may not see the reward for these efforts during this year of 2019, but you will see the results of your efforts in the next year as 2020 emerges. You have to put all details in place and attempt to perfect your efforts in order to achieve all that is needed. You may find yourself doing things several times until you get them right. You are building your foundation, but also a new life, which requires your foundation have the elements that are of value to you.

Changes occur: January and October
Challenges occur: March & December
Success occurs: April
New beginnings open up: June

Experiencing a FOUR Personal Year while the universe is in universal THREE year brings you many new tasks to complete and effort that needs to be expressed with others. You will make great headway and carve out success and new relationships from your effort and expression of your natural talents. The more you have given and accomplished all year long will bring you the security of a stronger foundation and a stronger YOU. With this added strength and confidence, you will push to accomplish and create the life you truly want giving others the reason to pause and look at the true you. You have also opened the pathway for others, as the more energy you have to accomplish something worthwhile, you will have more to show others of the true person inside.

FIVE- Basic Instinct 

You love variety and adapt well to change; in fact you excel in situations that require spontaneity. Your communication skills are exceptional as you naturally gravitate toward learning new things and teaching. You are always geared to explore new information, locations and people. Being a journalist, writer, traveler, politition or sports announcer, your approach to your personal and business life is to accentuate these qualities, whether or not they are your profession. You are growing and expanding your natural communication skills.

FIVE- Personal Year  (for those with a TWO-Basic Instinct)

This is the year that provides change, breakthrough and freedom from the past situations that seemed to have you in a vice grip with no let-up. You will be given more options and choices that pull you into new and different directions. You will feel the obstacles break apart and dissipate, allowing you to move forward without the heavy anchors or confining situations surrounding your every move. You will break out of the situations that have held you back and will take major risks in your steps forward, allowing the past to dissolve while revealing your way forward.

Changes occur: September
Challenges occur: February and November
Success occurs: March and December
New beginnings open up: May

Experiencing a FIVE Personal Year as the universal THREE expands connections with others. You will find that your life journey makes many shifts to align with others that are similar to yourself. You will begin to see yourself evolving beyond the old situations and no longer being held back by people and situations. You have worked hard to move up to the next level and you will begin to see yourself in a new way. Situations become easier and give you greater opportunities to expand in new ways by breaking free from the old scenarios. A completely new life is emerging, truly earned and ready for a new level of happiness.

SIX- Basic Instinct

You love harmony whether you are looking at your personal or business life. SIX is the number of health and healing as a natural talent brings forward the ability to make things work and the ability to grow the harmony and balance in situations.  You look for ways to make things work well and have a strong sense of appreciation for people that bring forward solutions.  You enjoy united situations in which you work with others to bring about harmony, solutions and create a positive environment.  You are naturally cooperative and appreciate the skills you use to bring harmony, balance, negotiations and mediations into the environment to improve and increase efficiency. 

SIX- Personal Year  (for those with a THREE Basic Instinct)

This is the year that gives you to opportunity to modify and adjust your home and work environments to the expanding personal and home situations that have shifted. You will get all details organized and set into their right place to choose health, healing, resolutions and harmony. You will be resolving many areas of your life that have had challenges and putting the right things into place to make everything harmonious and flowing. You will also put the additions onto your home and work environments that give you the needed space and expression to build your future and security.

Changes occur: August
Challenges occur: January and October
Success occurs: February and November
New beginnings open up: April

Experiencing a SIX Personal Year as the THREE universal year prompts adjustments within your connections and relationships with others. Major modifications are made in your home and work environment. You are shifting your relationships to align with your true inner self. Your work and home shifts give you open doors to move into new situations, and to expand circumstances. Looking for a new home and/or a new work environment become the adjustments that occur whether or not you are pursuing these changes. Through a series of circumstances you will be prompted to your home and work environments, as you align more with those who share in your vision and bring out your true inner essence. As the year pushes you to expand beyond the barriers of the past, the circumstances push you beyond the old concepts to entertain new concepts.

SEVEN- Basic Instinct

You love to analyze situations to determine the critical elements of situations.  You are naturally geared toward research and analysis as you discover facts to understand something in its entirety.  You utilize all of the mental elements as well as the intuitive to access as much as you can about situations.  You know a lot because of your interest in information and the ability to do a lot of research, as well as have a lot of information and wisdom about life.  You may intimidate people with your keen awareness of many subjects as you bring your knowledge and research into everything and every subject.  You enjoy deep, penetrating discussions and subjects that require keen analytical capabilities.  You are always digging for more information about life and or the sciences surrounding life.  Complexities give you a lot to chew on, so are a natural draw to you. 

SEVEN - Personal Year (for those with a FOUR Basic Instinct)

This is the year that you look at your inner world to see your life in retrospect and to begin to choose to move beyond the old ways. You will see that many of the situations that have been challenging are all in your perception, and learn to break through the old perceptions to see a new life, new opportunities and a new life that is emerging by letting go of the old ways. You will look deeper at yourself and your life to find the root of issues that are of importance and you will make a greater commitment to your spiritual journey by engaging with your intuition and your connection with the Divine.

Changes occur: July
Challenges occur: September
Success occurs: January and October
New beginnings open up: March

Experiencing a SEVEN Personal Year as the THREE universal year occurs as situations pull you into many new directions to expand on thoughts, ideas and concepts. Sharing more of the common thoughts and visions, you will find those that have similar ideas, as you take in all of the information to determine the realizations that make a difference to you. You are ready to look beneath the situations to find the root elements of Truth and want to find your place and purpose in life and others that share that same purpose and passion. You will be open to a new perspective, awareness and realization of your new journey. Growing your inner confidence, you will be shifting many situations during the later months, to bring you to a stronger expression.

EIGHT - Basic Instinct

You love business, accomplishment and have a strong desire to achieve financial success.  You thrive in your business life and will sacrifice your personal time to build the type of structure you need to bring forward the most success.  You have the desire to see your success from the outer elements that emphasize success and will work very hard to achieve a particular level of success.  You are very organized and good at promoting new ventures and having a strong business ability.  You are a natural authority in the business arena and will always work hard to achieve success. 

EIGHT - Personal Year (for those with a FIVE Basic Instinct)

Thisis the year that you bring your efforts, accomplishments and successes from the previous eight years into a new environment. You will find that you have built the inner strength and determination needed to move up to the next level and to face many situations that you would have shied away from previously. You will give yourself the confidence needed to take the next major jump into a new environment. You have the confidence and successes now, that give you a stronger drive and intention to move up to the next level. This new confidence allows you to make major strides all through the year, bringing success into fruition with each month along the way.

Changes occur: June
Challenges occur: August
Success occurs: September
New beginnings open up: February and November

Experiencing an EIGHT Personal Year as the THREE universal year opens, you will find a greater sense of creativity occurs, which changes many aspects of your work environments. You will find people around you are coming toward you with opportunities to connect and to give you more people to add to your network. Your options are expanding and many unique situations are providing you with opportunities to move into exciting new directions that also give you an enthusiasm toward your life. You want to accomplish a lot and to have others around you with the same vision. , Your accomplishments allow you to expand your life as you envision so much more than you thought possible.

NINE - Basic Instinct

You are able to see the bigger picture and have a natural ability to connect with people from a diverse range of backgrounds.  You appreciate humanity and work well with others to bring about a group consciousness, working to make a difference.  You want to bring all elements together and can see the connectedness of everything and everyone.  You help others see events from a positive, whole perspective and give others a sense of purpose as it relates to their corner of the world.  Your ability to work with others is exceptional, especially when putting together a team of very different, unique individuals.  You understand others easily and put yourself in their shoes and impress others with the extent of your understanding and empathy.

NINE - Personal Year (for those with a SIX Basic Instinct)

This is the year that you finalize and complete the dealings associated with the nine-year cycle you are now concluding that began nine years ago. You will let go of many elements of your life as you are picked up, the stage is changed and you will be put back down, wardrobe comes in, make-up comes in, new script, new props, new people, new environment, new everything. Your efforts to know where you are going next will be empty handed as situations are ending and you are not yet aware of the next environment that will pull you forward. Letting go and let God take charge will be the theme. You may feel like a flake, as you are not yet aware of the new directions, just that the old is ending. New directions appear right on cue, but you won't see them until the old is dissolved.

Changes occur: May
Challenges occur: July
Success occurs: August
New beginnings open up: January and October

Experiencing a NINE Personal Year as the THREE universal year occurs, you will find yourself making important shifts to connect with others that have similar goals and visions. You will be looking beyond the old environment, carrying with you the desire to alignment with the changes that are happening simultaneously with the outer world changes. You will be in sync with the outside world as you leave old ways and come to the open doors that give you more creative options. With meeting new and different people, you will also have the chance to let go of old hesitations and doubts, while you prepare to have a stronger expression of your own talents. The image that you have been holding onto is pretty much attained and you will have to redefine your life, goals and pursuits. Life is ready to reveal your new opportunities, which come into view as the old fades into the past. Changes are a constant source of events that shift and shape your new life.

ELEVEN/TWO - Basic Instinct

You have a natural ability to see and understand others whether in your personal or business life. You are aware of a higher spiritual energy within others and within the physical world.  Your perspective and intuitive abilities give you a heightened awareness, which you naturally share with others, becoming the spiritual messenger for many.  You have the ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve their best, as you believe greatness is achievable for everyone if they are aware of their spiritual purpose and mission.  You are shifting to set a new level of spiritual expression.

ELEVEN/TWO - Personal Year (for those with a EIGHT Basic Instinct)

This This is the year that you will bring a higher spiritual quality into your days. You will work with people in your new environment, meeting new people and making new friends, building new relationships, but with the heightened awareness of spirituality. ELEVEN/TWO is the number of waiting and building quietly within, but it is waiting with faith and trust for the timing to be right. You will be more sensitive to others and see the insensitivities of others as a sign that they are not aware of a greater purpose or a greater connection. You will have challenging people to meet and be strong enough to deal with others in a positive way while in your environment and strengthen dealing with others patiently, through spiritual understanding coupled with the need for negotiations, mediation and cooperation. With an ELEVEN/TWO personal year, you are at a crossroads of change, taking the higher spiritual path or accepting the lesser vision.

Changes occur: March & December
Challenges occur: May
Success occurs: June
New Beginnings open up: August

Experiencing an ELEVEN/TWO Personal Year in a THREE universal year, you will experience changes in many situations and expand the people that you connect with. You will find that your connections with others are similar to you and that you share a strong kinship. The ELEVEN gives you a stronger sensitivity to the spiritual purpose to relationships and you can help others make the changes they need to make, to connect to their higher self as a response to situations. You will take on the opportunities that emerge to make a difference and to have a stronger, positive influence with others.

TWENTY-TWO/FOUR- Basic Instinct

You are driven to accomplish as much as possible to achieve the highest in your personal and business life. You have a perfectionist outlook on life as you bring a heightened spiritual awareness to your accomplishments.  You want everything to work well together and have high expectations of yourself as you plan, organize and have a high level of purpose and mission as your goal and ambition. You believe that anything is possible, so you aim for the highest, often the impossible and call in the spiritual components to make it a reality.  You are aware of the spiritual purpose and mission to make a difference and are motivated by the visions you carry in your heart.

TWENTY-TWO/FOUR- Personal Year  (for those with a ONE Basic Instinct)

ThisThis is the year that you will work hard, put out a lot of effort, build the foundation of the business efforts you will use in the future as you are pursuing your spiritual visions. You will organize, plan, create the stepping stones of your journey forward and actually climb the mountain of tasks that are in front of you. You have the motivation and the energy to pursue your cosmic purpose as you know inside that your vision, intuition and Divine awareness is leading you forward to do great work. You may not see the reward for these efforts during this year, but you know inwardly that you are following the right course of action and that you will see the validating results of your efforts in the next upcoming year. You have to put all details in place and perfect your efforts in order to achieve all that is needed, as you are pursuing the spiritual visions that have a higher cause and a greater purpose than is visible at the current time. You may find yourself doing things that don't outwardly appear right, but that are inwardly perfect.

Changes occur: January and October
Challenges occur: March & December
Success occurs: April
New beginnings open up: June

Experiencing a TWENTY-TWO/FOUR Personal Year as the THREE universal year prompts you to see your new purpose that is stemming from your true capabilities within your being. You will work hard to plan, organize and put forth a lot of effort. You are building a new expression, direction, business project, and a new YOU. You will follow your vision and plan as prompted inwardly. Situations will hand you the pieces to create and you will build all that you envision. You will realize that there are choices inherent within this year, as your ONE energy is toward taking the easy road or the touch road. Your pursuits give you a lot to be instrumental as situations unfold all around you, giving you new opportunities.

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