“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all;  but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.” 
                             -  Abraham Lincoln

Major Aspects in 

July 2018

July  5 - Mercury opposition Mars - 8 Leo  8 Aquarius

July 10 - Jupiter turns direct - 13 Scorpio

July 12 - Sun opposition Pluto - 20 Cancer / 20 Capricorn

July 12 - Sun conjunct Moon - Solar Eclipse / New Moon - 20 Cancer

July 22 - Sun enters Leo 

July 24 - Venus opposition Neptune - 16 Virgo / 16 Pisces

July 25 - Mercury turns retrograde - 23 Leo (back to 11 Leo - August 18th)

July 26 - Sun opposition Mars - 4 Leo / 4 Aquarius

July 27 - Sun opposition Moon - Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon - 4 Leo / 4 Aquarius

August 1 - Mars square Uranus - 2 Aquarius / 2 Taurus

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... Transparency of intentions light the pathway of our journey ...

This week, July 15th through July 21st, we take the emphasis from the Solar Eclipse/New Moon which occurred on July 12th, and integrate it into the shifts and changes that are happening this week. Each day provides a stepping stone that opens new doors, as we continue to transition into our new terrain.

Sunday Moon connects with Venus in Virgo, to emphasize right action choices that are integrated into each of our steps forward. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday bring in the emphasis of our relationships, the ability to connect with others and to become more aware of new people emerging in our life.

On Friday, Moon connects with Jupiter bringing in a greater connection to the expansive opportunities that are emerging. Jupiter in Scorpio is unfolding the journey associated with our intentions, ethics and motives. The transparency of intentions that has been revealed since Jupiter first entered Scorpio in early October 2017, now begins to chart out our journey through the light of our true inner ethics.

In between the Solar Eclipse/New Moon from July 12th, and the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon, there will be many opportunities that emerge to emphasize our connection with others, which bring open doors into our life as Jupiter reveals the way through unfolding our desires and true intentions. This pathway and journey begins this week and heightens into the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon at the end of next week, late Friday afternoon.  

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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