“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all;  but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.” 
                             -  Abraham Lincoln

Major Aspects in 

April 2019

April - Mercury conjunct Neptune - 17 Pisces

April 6 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON  - 15 Aries

April 10 - Jupiter turns retrograde - 24 Sagittarius

April 17 - Mercury enters Aries

April 19 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 29 Aries / 29 Libra

April 20 - Sun enters Taurus

April 22 - Sun conjunct Uranus - 2 Taurus

April 24 - Pluto turns retrograde - 23 Capricorn

April 29 - Saturn turns retrograde - 20 Capricorn

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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... Sun spotlights the changing winds of Uranus ...

This week,  April 21st through April 27th, we begin with Monday’s aspects creating a major shift, with Sun connecting to the winds of change planet of Uranus. Uranus has been in Taurus since March 2019, which has brought many situations forward. Sun spotlights the issues that are the focus of the many shifts as the winds of Uranus change out the scenery of this New Era. Sun shines the light on the adjustments that are being rolled out that stem from our motives, ethics and values.

Pluto in Capricorn turns retrograde on Wednesday, which brings in the focus of power and/or mis-use of power. Capricorn deals with business, career, power of influence and financial dealings. With Pluto turning retrograde, there will be many issues brought to the surface that require that we back track to determine the details of the situations, as transparency brings the focus to reveal power and the mis-use of power. This will also be punctuated by Saturn in Capricorn, in close proximity, ready to turn retrograde on April 29th. These two planets are going to backtrack to review the situations since the beginning of 2019.

Looking ahead to understand more about the importance of this week, Saturn as the taskmaster sergeant, brings in the white glove approach to revuew choices and actions. With Saturn’s close proximity to Pluto all year long, issues of power and mis-use of power are the focus of Saturn’s reviews. Saturn turns direct on September 18th, which begins the presentation process of Saturn’s findings that date back to April 29th. Pluto turns direct on October 3rd, which begins the presentations process of Pluto’s findings of power and mis-use of power that date back to April 24th. Typically Pluto turning direct after the retrograde review, bring up major scandals as unseen situations are revealed in indisputible, spotlight fashion.   

Saturn and Pluto stay in close proximity all year long, which brings to light the many elements that deal with business, career, power of influence and financial dealings. The transparency element from Uranus in Taurus, bring forward the true values that are at the root of Saturn and Pluto’s choices.

Additionally, with the recent connection of Mercury and Chiron, on April 19th, the choice of actions during the Uranus in Aries era, from March 2011 to March 2019, will begin to be brought to the surface as well. With our choices from this time being collected and displayed, Chiron will begin to reveal important elements from the past that determine our journey forward.  

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