“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all;  but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”  Abraham Lincoln

Major Aspects in 

June 2017

June 3 - Venus conjunct Uranus - 27 Aries

June 6 - Mercury enters Gemini

June 9 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 18 Gemini / 18 Sagittarius 

June 9 - Jupiter turns direct - 13 Libra

June 13 - Mercury trine Jupiter - 13 Gemini / 13 Libra

June 15 - Sun opposition Saturn - 24 Gemini / 24 Sagittarius

June 16 - Neptune turns retrograde - 14 Pisces

June 18 - Mercury opposition Saturn -  24 Gemini / 24 Sagittarius

June 20 - Sun enters Cancer - Solstice

June 21 - Mercury enters Cancer

June 21 - Sun conjunct Mercury - 0 Cancer

June 23 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 3 Cancer

June 24 - Venus trine Pluto - 19 Taurus / 19 Capricorn

June 28 - Mercury conjunct Mars - 16 Cancer

June 29 - Mercury opposition Pluto - 18 Cancer / 18 Capricorn

July 2 - Mars opposition Pluto - 18 Cancer / 18 Capricorn

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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Alpha Life Trends

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... Walking out of the dark hallway and into the Light of July ... 

This week, June 25th through July 1st,  giveus a long hall way to walk through the darkness of the unknown toward the light at the end of the hall. Moving out of SEVEN month of June into the EIGHT month of July, the shift out of the darkness and into the light symbolizes the contrast between the SEVEN and the EIGHT universal influence. All during the SEVEN month, many inner decisions have been made and put into place for the EIGHT month of July. So, this walk down the last week of June will become very symbolic to the major transitions that await us in July.

Mid-week, Mercury connects with Mars at 16 Cancer, to push us to make the changes that have become very emotionally charged for us. Mercury entered Cancer and connected to Sun last week (June 21st), heightening the emotional process of listening to the inner calling. Often the changes that we make are in response to the situations around us, giving us the options to move toward what we want and those situations that we want to jettison away from. Major directions pop up for each of us as Mercury connects with Mars on Wednesday to activate our true calling and to be ready to jump into action.

On Thursday, Mercury in Cancer meets Pluto in Capricorn, symbolizing the fork in the road.  This requires decisions to be made one way or the other. Time to move forward and yet not along the same old ways.  We have to shift out of our old ways of operating and into the new avenues that are aligned with our true calling. As the light shines bright in the directions calling to us, it becomes important to move into our direction as aligned with the True Self.

The decision to move forward, answering the calling of our heart, brings the Moon connection to Jupiter, giving us the signal that good things are to come. As Moon connects with Jupiter in the wee hours of Saturday morning, the universe shows us the message that we are to move forward into our right direction. July becomes the EIGHT month, crossing into a new month, bringing our inner realizations to manifest in the outer directions.  Moon with Jupiter shows that the time is now right to move forward, as the preview for July 2nd.  Mars meets Pluto in Capricorn (on July 2nd) right after Thursday’s Mercury connection with Pluto, providing the fork in the road.  We are required to shift our energy to the right directions, aligning our new pathway, purpose and passion.

All through 2017 the planet of Venus connects with a host of other planets, to connect the dots as our map and journey into our new direction unfolds. The alignment with the True Self showing our new spiritual blueprint evolving into our new sense of purpose and passion.

The key dates and corresponding aspects are as follows:
Venus conjunct Neptune – January 13 – 10 Pisces – Connecting to our new spiritual blueprint
Sun conjunct Neptune – March 1 – 13 Pisces – Shining light onto new spiritual blueprint
Venus turns retrograde - March 4 – 13 Aries – Spiritual Self evolving into True Self expression
Sun conjunct Venus – March 25 – 5 Aries – Shining light onto the True Self as it is transforming
Venus direct – April 15 – 27 Pisces – Connection with spiritual self and new spiritual blueprint
Venus opposition Jupiter – May 19 – 14 Aries / 14 Libra –Expansion of True Self w/ new associations and partnerships
Venus conjunct Uranus – June 3 – 27 Aries – Outer changes to align with True Self
Venus opposition Saturn – July 24 – 22 Gemini / 22 Sagittarius – Journey beyond the old self and situations
Venus opposition Pluto – August 15 – 17 Cancer / 17 Capricorn – Aligning purpose and passion
Venus conjunct Mars – October 5 – 19 Virgo – Activating purpose with right action to serve a higher purpose
Venus conjunct Jupiter – November 13 – 7 Scorpio – Aligning passion with new purpose

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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